Izac Houri


Izac is a Swede national who migrated from Syria in 2013 for a better and safer future. He was able to continue his education and specialization in IT. He worked as an IT specialist. During these years, he had many ideas for projects that could both help him financially and bring joy and benefit to the community. These ideas never saw light before and he is trying to bring them to life through Kickstarter backers after building the GeeCa team and collaborating with the other reliable team members to bring these ideas to life.

Mohammed Almasri

Content creator and project coordinator

Mohammed is a graduate of English literature from Syria. His last position was the manager of an educational program that offered free qualitative education for thousands of Syrian refugee kids in Lebanon, and now continuing his education in Tokyo aiming at integrating of peace education in the context of forced displacement in addition to his activities in the field of diversity and inclusion in Japan.

Loubana Ezzahraoui


Loubna is a Moroccan business intelligence engineer living in Lyon, France. Loubna has an MA -in Business Intelligence and Big Data from University of Caen Normandy and is keen to to offer the support needed to make this happen!

Ikbal Edrees

Graphic designer

Ikbal is an architect who decided to follow his passion and major in graphic design in country of refuge in Lebanon. He worked with several schools and NGOs as a media specialist and as a graphic designing trainer for tens of refugees and locals during the last few years.

Alaa Saeed


Alaa Saeed is from Syria who’s settled down in Liverpool,UK a few years ago. She has a BA in English Literature and an MA in TESOL ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages). Alaa is currently working as a teacher and she’s interested in social activities and the Syrian refugees case.

Bahaa Majzoub

Web designer and digital marketer
A Syrian refugee live in Lebanon. I studied computer science in Syria and currently studying art of communication in SNHU.  Worked for 4 years in local NGOs in Lebanon that helps refugees.

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