GeecaWe’re presenting GeeCa, and “no” it is not simply a weekly planner!

GeeCa is a collection of 53 dreams and reflections of Syrian refugee kids’ mixed feelings of joy, love, happiness, and motivation despite the challenging circumstances they face throughout their lives.

Description What is GeeCa calendar ?

Each page of the GeeCa Weekly Planner includes a painting and a quote of the week. To help you get more organized, there is a section for notes. The notes section will give you space to write or stick your notes and appointments under each day.

GeeCa is a creative planner, with other items, made by refugee kids that will change not only the way you use with calendars but the way you manage your time too. Rather than simply looking at calendars as a set of 12 pages that include charts, GeeCa divides your year into amazing weeks with inspirational drawings and motivational sayings.

All of the art included was drawn and organized by Syrian refugee kids, including ideas and concepts, paintings, and numbers. The final illustrations and graphic designs were made by our graphic designer.

In addition to the weekly planner, GeeCa includes:

1- GeePost
2- GeeMark
3- GeeDigit
and they will be described below.


  • Although these kids have escaped very challenging circumstances, their drawings are generally not about war. We trust that they will give you positive energy that you will absolutely need in 2021.
  • The size of each GeeCa page is B4 size 25 x 35.3 cm (9.8 x 13.9 inches), which gives you more space and flexibility to stick, write down your notes, and structure your day.
  • The painting section is separable from the planner section with a dashed line so you can cut through, keep it and use it later as a gift!
  • We dream of a society that embraces all, where people from different origins and cultural backgrounds can find ways to break the barriers and come closer (hint hint, read the next bulletin).
  • Postcards, ‘GeePost’, drawn by these kids are designed to be used on different holidays, special occasions, and festivals that people celebrate around the world. The postcards come in sets of 10 cards. The reason behind this is to encourage everyone to share and spread love and best wishes with their friends and neighbors from different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.
  • Bookmarks, ‘GeeMark’, are simple colorful
  • GeeCa will be printed in high resolution quality by the printing house.


All drawings are ready and illustrations have been designed. The prototype is already alive! (You can see it in the video)
All digital drawings, ‘GeeDigit’ items, are ready to be sent to your emails after hitting the Kickstarter goal.
Our goal is to have the GeeCa Weekly Planner hang on the walls of the world turning these paintings into real inspiration!
So, please help us reach our Kickstarter goal.
The materials will be printed in November and we’ll be enthusiastically sharing the updates step-by-step with you!

Shipping and packing:

GeeCa’s hard copy items will be sent to the backers/supporters around the world in December 2020 so you can hang it on your wall, uniquely start organizing your weeks in 2021, and break the ice with the amazing diverse people around you.

Financial details:

The money raised from this Kickstarter goal shall cover:

> Printing the GeeCa Weekly Planners
> Printing the GeePost postcards
> Printing the GeeMarks bookmarks
> Shipping
> Kickstarter and processing fees

The full-package of GeeCa 2021 weekly planner includes:

  • GeeCa Weekly Planner:

A 53-page GeeCa Weekly Planner.
Dimensions: B4 size 25 x 35.3 cm (9.8 x 13.9 inches).
Drawings on the GeeCa Planner page.

  • GeePost:

10 Post Cards (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Eid, Ramadan, , Rosh Hashanah, and Holi).
Dimensions: Post Cards 15.2 x 10 cm (6 x 4 inches).

  • GeeMark:

5 colorful bookmarks drawn by refugee kids.
Dimensions: Bookmarks 5 x 15.2 cm (2 x 6 inches).

  • GeeDigit: GeeCa Digital Items

A set of 3, 10 or 53 Soft copy prints for the drawings that you can use for printing or any other purpose.
*The pledged soft copy reward shall be sent to the backers\supporters to their personal e-mails.


Ideas on how to use GeeDigit:
Paintings only
10 high-resolution softcopy prints
Paintings only
52 high-resolution softcopy prints
GeeCa planner
GeeCa 52 page weekly planner hardcopy
Planner + Bookmarks
GeeCa 52 Pg. hardcopy + 5 bookmarks
Planner + Postcards
GeeCa 52 Pg. Hardcopy + 10 Postcards
Planner + Postcards + Bookmarks
GeeCa 52 Pg. Hardcopy + 10 Postcards + 5 bookmarks
Planner + Postcards + Bookmarks + Paintings
GeeCa 52 Pg. Hardcopy + 10 Postcards + 5 bookmarks + 10 high-resolution softcopy prints
Planner + Postcards + Bookmarks + Paintings
GeeCa 52 Pg. Hardcopy + 10 Postcards + 5 bookmarks + 52 high-resolution softcopy prints
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